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Oil's Deep State

Why doesn't the government act on climate change? An Alberta insider's perspective

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The Reconciliation Manifesto

A final, no-holds-barred message from Canada's leading Indigenous activist

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Billy Bishop

Mysteries, Legends and Myths of the First World War

The Teen Sex Trade

Tom Thomson

Valour at Vimy Ridge

Bad Shot

This book tells the story of a small-town basketball player who is bullied by a teammate who comes from a wealthier family. The story plays out against the realistic backdrop of an economically struggling small town, a fictional version of Chatham, and touches on the emotional realities of performance anxiety, socioeconomic status issues experienced by kids, depression, and bullying.

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Epic Fail

A 14-year-old Aboriginal/Caucasian girl, from a mixed-income Vancouver suburb, is raped at at party she attends with her two friends. Two years later, photos of the incident appear on social media, which has serious consequences for everyone involved. This book tells a tough but realistic story about teen relationships and sexual assault and how social media plays a role in magnifying its impact.

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Golden Game

Abbas and his soccer team of fellow refugees are playing in a big tournament. When a traffic accident triggers crippling flashbacks to war-torn Syria, Abbas perseveres to support his teammates through the competition.

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