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Lacrosse Warrior

Wendy Lewis tells the compelling story of how Mohawk lacrosse champion Gaylord Powless coped with brutal checking and racism during his career.

Paperback   Active
9781552770016 | Published: May 2008


How Tommy Burns became heavyweight champion of the world.

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Lunenburg: Then and Now
EBook / PDF   Out of print
9780887808302 | Published: February 2008

Pink Power

At the first-ever women's hockey world championships in 1990, Canada dressed its National Women's Team in pink, which offended many people. Lorna Schultz Nicholson offers an insider's look at the power behind the pink jerseys.

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Star Power

Hockey's first superstar, Fred "Cyclone" Taylor, was often caught up in the politics and turmoil of hockey's early professional years. Star Power is the story of one of Canada's greatest athletes and a game in transition.

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Choice of Colours

John Danakas profiles the pioneering black football players who donned new team colours and changed their sport.

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Forever Champions

Discover the story of the Edmonton Grads, who went from a small-city, girl's high school team to world champs with an unparalleled winning record.

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Dundurn Castle

Fashioning Fabric

This engaging social history explores the methods, tools, and patterns used by early immigrants to create their homemade textiles and offers striking examples of clothing, quilts, and coverlets.

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Great Forests and Mighty Men

A colourful and fascinating story of the men who worked in eastern Canada's early forest industry with many colour and black and white illustrations and photographs from leading historic sites in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, this book is a very human history of almost legendary figures.

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