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Life without Mooch

Carl's having trouble finding time to write his memoir of his beloved, deceased Mooch because his neighbour, Gary, is always dropping in with his tiresome little dog, Dumpling.

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Lightning Rider

January Fournier, a sixteen-year-old Métis girl, learns her brother is in intensive care after a motorcycle crash. When she arrives at the hospital, the police tell her the crashed bike was stolen, and her brother is now the prime suspect in a seri

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Queen of the Court

Kallana has always been more interested in fashions than in sports. When her father suddenly decides she should join the school basketball team, Kallana feels desperate.

Paperback   Out of stock indefinitely
9781550287028 | Published: January 2000

Rookie Season

Leigh Aberdeen is determined to win the hockey championship with a new, all girls team, the Chinooks.

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David wants to play soccer more than anything. But Coach Prescott has his own ideas about how to win: Play the best boys, bench the rest.

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9781550286670 | Published: January 2000

A Terrible Secret

Something is troubling Maggie Alexander. It's something she doesn't want to think about, doesn't want to explain.

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Courage on the Line

Amelie seems like a happy-go-lucky twelve year old. So why is she having nightmares and why did she change schools midway through the year?

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Free Throw

Matthew Eagletail was happy with life until his mother remarried. Now he must get used to a new school, a new father, five pesky new sisters, and a dog named Precious.

Paperback   Out of print
9781550286649 | Published: January 1999

Hit and Run

When Glen makes pitcher for the East York Eagles, he's determined to be the best player on the little league team. The trouble is, the rest of his teammates want to play too, and they never seem good enough for Glen's liking.

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Leap of Faith

For Amy, winning the novice Canadian skating champion-ships is a do-or-die situation.

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