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A Gift from Mooch

This latest book in the Mooch series is a sensitive story about grieving and misunderstandings.

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Marilou, Iguana Hunter

Marilou will do anything she can to help her friend Boris find his pet iguana.

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Power Play

Power Play is a dramatic and fast-paced story about a boy who who wants to play hockey -- not get hurt.

Paperback   Out of stock indefinitely
9781550287462 | Published: October 2001

Sayonara Sharks

This sequel to Shark Attack follows Matt and his friends on a fun-filled, baseball-playing adventure in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Great Play Morgan

Morgan is signed up for soccer. His troubles begin when Aldeen Hummel, the Godzilla of Grade Three, finds him practising with a soccer ball.

Paperback   Out of print
9780887805363 | Published: May 2001

Pool Princess

Gracie never wanted to move to Calgary. Now she has to make new friends and adjust to a new school. The only bright spot is the synchronized swimming team.

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Shooting Star

Quyen was the star of the basketball team at Nellie McClung Middle School until she had a fight with her coach. Now she must play for a local bantam team, and she's not sure she likes it.

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Brothers on Ice

Troy and Trent, who are brothers, both love hockey. When Trent turns out to be a natural in net, Troy finds he has to compete just to get a turn on the ice.

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Maddie Wants New Clothes

Maddie hasn't a thing to wear. She and her friend Clementine devise a plan that will force Maddie's parents to buy her new clothes.

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David wants to play soccer more than anything. But Coach Prescott has his own ideas about how to win: Play the best boys, bench the rest.

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