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Personal Best

Jay is stuggling with his running skills at basketball camp but luckily for Jay, a new teammate and friend has figured out how to bring out the best in people.

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Morgan Makes a Deal

Having a paper route is a lot more work than Morgan cares to take on. His parents helped him into it so he would have some money for a video game that he wants.

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Lilly's Special Gift

When Lilly gives her best friend a braclet, her best wishes for her friend become a nightmare of rumours.

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Toby's Very Important Question

On the morning after Christmas, someone phones Toby's family to tell them that Toby's aunt has died in a car accident. After the ceremony, Toby notices that although everyone is very sad, they are also able to smile, chat and even sing. He wonders why people can be both happy and sad.

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Lilly Makes a Friend

Lilly Makes a Friend is a touching story that shows how integrating special needs children into the schools is a challenge worth pursuing.

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Skate, Robyn, Skate

Skate, Robyn, Skate is an optimistic story about learning a new skill, overcoming emotional obstacles and having supportive friends.

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Carrie Loses Her Nerve

Carrie has made a demo tape and wants to sing in her brother's band at an outdoor festival. Ernie lets her sing one song.

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Danger Zone

When Jason accidentally checks a player from behind, the boy is seriously hurt. Jason is devastated when the boy's parents want him suspended from the league.

Paperback   Out of stock indefinitely
9781550287783 | Published: November 2002

Ice Attack

Alex and Bill used to be an unbeatable combination on the Lakers hockey team. Now that they are enemies, Alex is thinking about quitting.

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Red-Line Blues

Lee's hockey coach is only interested in the hotshots on his team. Ordinary players like him spend their time warming the bench.

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