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The Maritimes

The Maritimes: Tradition, Challenge & Change is a high school textbook used to teach students about the social conditions of the Maritimes.

Paperback   Out of print
9780921921011 | Published: January 1987

Moscow Despatches

One Woman's War

Our American Cousins
Hardback   Out of print
9780888628770 | Published: January 1987

Our American Cousins
Paperback   Out of print
9780888628787 | Published: January 1987


The story of a beautiful, talented, romantic woman who dazzled Victorian Canada in her role as Mohawk princess-poet.

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Lily : A Rhapsody in Red

Lily: A Rhapsody in Red , second book in the King Years trilogy, is a dazzling comic epic of politics, sex and scandal during the 1920s and '30s.

Hardback    $22.95     Add To Cart     View other formats

New Age Business

First published in 1986, New Age Business is a pioneering exploration of the economic model known as the "community development corporation."

Paperback    $35.00     Add To Cart     View other formats

The Orangeman

Ogle Gowan - the Irish upstart who turned Ontario Orange - was a self-seeking, treacherous scoundrel who brought his tattered reputation to the raw frontier of Upper Canada, and built the powerful Protestant machine that shaped Canadian history.

Hardback   Out of stock indefinitely
9780888629630 | Published: January 1986

Ottawa: An Illustrated History

Ottawa's fascinating story is recounted with skill and wit in John H. Taylor's Ottawa: An Illustrated History.

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