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Telling Toronto's story from the final retreat of the Laurentide Ice Sheet to today's metropolis, a team of expert authors brings beautiful illustrations and fascinating, fresh perspectives together in this new natural, archaeological, and social history.

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Lilly and the Hullabaloo

Lilly's class learns about a carnival in the Bahamas and plans their own version called the Hullabaloo.

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Lacrosse Warrior

Wendy Lewis tells the compelling story of how Mohawk lacrosse champion Gaylord Powless coped with brutal checking and racism during his career.

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Alison's Ghosts

Alison is held captive by the powers of a mysterious pipe bowl belonging to a Mi"kmaq shaman. The bowl takes her back in time where she forms friendships with troubled ghosts. She must uncover the history of the pipe before she is consumed by the grim fate of the pipe's beholders.

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How will Craig and Manda learn to let go of their anger and find the courage to move into adulthood when they see only flaws in their parents?

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Jake dreams of becoming a golf pro but can't afford a full set of clubs or a golf club membership. When he gets the once in a lifetime opportunity to be taught by a pro, he has to learn to trust in himself.

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Josh, Sam and Peter are together again for their last summer at hockey camp. Josh is certain that nothing could be better than playing with his friends and cousin Troy, until he discovers that his card shark cousin is gambling with the team's success.

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Robyn's Monster Play

Robyn feels The Raft, the class play, is unfair because it casts only three roles to the boys. Starting her own play, The Monster that Ate the World, she learns how difficult it is to organize everything by herself.

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Zach & Zoe and the Bank Robber

Zach and Zoe suspect that their neighbour is hiding a terrible secret - he's a bank robber! But he's a kind, tree-hugging environmentalist - could he really be the culprit?

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Canada and the Global Economy

In this book, Bob Chodos, Rae Murphy, and Eric Hamovitch consider the implications of globalization for Canada.

EBook / EPUB   Out of print
9781552772867 | Published: February 2008

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