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The Birthplace of New Scotland

The Birthplace of New Scotland is a visually appealing history of one of Nova Scotia's most vibrant and distinctive regions.

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Cultures and Civilizations

Splendidly illustrated with dozens of historic visuals, Cultures and Civilizations explores the interrelations of trade and cultures as they developed along the Silk and Spice Routes.

Paperback   Out of print
9780921921288 | Published: January 1994

Inventions and Trade

Splendidly illustrated with dozens of historic visuals, Inventions and Trade explores the process of invention technological exchange, and the massive contribution made to it by the Silk and Spice Routes.

Paperback   Out of print
9780921921301 | Published: January 1994

Coal in our Blood

This social history of coal mining in Nova Scotia's Pictou County offers a unique portrait of a long-established working-class community.

Paperback   Out of print
9780887802157 | Published: January 1992

Regina: An Illustrated History

"Pile of Bones", "Queen City of the West"--Regina's nicknames accurately reflect the city's exotic and varied history.

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Sable Island

An award-winning, classic book exploring the island's history and its natural features, available again with stunning new colour photography.

Paperback   Out of print
9780887800580 | Published: January 1987

Ottawa: An Illustrated History

Ottawa's fascinating story is recounted with skill and wit in John H. Taylor's Ottawa: An Illustrated History.

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Toronto Since 1918

In Toronto Since 1918, first released in 1985, author James Lemon explores seventy years of Toronto's development.

Hardback   Out of print
9780888627384 | Published: January 1985

Toronto to 1918

Toronto to 1918, first published in 1984, examines the lives of the people who built Toronto.

Hardback   Out of print
9780888626653 | Published: January 1984


From its beginnings asa small, courthouse town in 1816 to it present-day status as Canada's "Steel City", Hamilton's history is rich and varied.

Hardback   Out of print
9780888625939 | Published: January 1982

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