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That's Enough, Maddie!

Maddie has quite a problem. Her whole family, her dad, her mum, her brothers, and the baby are getting on her nerves.

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Joey Jeremiah

When Joey fails grade eight, he's in shock: now everyone will think he's stupid. Even bandmates Wheels and Snake can't understand how he feels. But, as always, Joey has a plan...

Paperback   Out of print
9781550282313 | Published: January 1989


Lucy knows she's a bit on the wild sideshe likes to take risks and shock her friendsbut that's what being a teenager is all about. Anyway, Lucy also knows that everyone at Degrassi thinks she's pretty cool. But being cool all the time has its ups and downs.

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Hardback   Out of print
9781550282375 | Published: January 1989

Mimi and the Ginger Princess

Mimi Kiguchi loved cats. So she was very upset when she found Ricky Rutledge trying to throw a canvas bag over the newest cat on the street--she knew that the cat might be in real danger.

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Noel Buys a Suit

What do you do when your dad is marrying someone you don't like? When you're accused of stealing, for no good reason? When you have to choose between a friend and a sure-fire chance to make money?

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In this book Spike tells what it's like to be in junior high and having a baby. So many decisions, so many questions--it's not easy, but Spike is no quitter.

Paperback   Out of print
9781550281132 | Published: January 1988

Stephanie Kaye

Her last year in Junior High and Stephanie is going to make it a big one. With her new imageglitzy rhinestones, sexy spandex and lots of lip glossStephanie just knows success will be hers.

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Karen Keeps Her Word

How can you make it up when you break a promise to a friend? What do you do when a good friend changes, suddenly and completely? When they seriously hurt your feelings?

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Martin Meets the Pirates

What do you do when your cool new friends pressure you to do things that are dangerous--or illegal? When you've told so many lies that people don't believe you anymore? When your borrowing becomes stealing?

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