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Camping Crazies

A wasp sting leaves Max hopping up and down with the Super Fidgets while on a camping trip with his family and friends.

EBook / EPUB    $9.95     View other formats

Dressed to Play

A young athlete faces the pressure to redefine her self-image as more "girly."

EBook / EPUB    $8.95     View other formats

Powwow Summer
EBook / EPUB    $9.95     View other formats

Run and Gun

A young teen uses basketball to find a balance between his school teammates and his friends from a disadvantaged part of town.

EBook / EPUB    $8.95     View other formats

School Bus Squirmies

On a school bus trip Max tries to calm a case of the Super Fidgets by focusing on the colour green.

EBook / EPUB    $9.95     View other formats

Spin Out

A teen has to come to terms with his life when online car-racing and reality collide.

EBook / EPUB    $7.95     View other formats

Taking the Lead

By helping train a disabled runner, a competitive teen learns empathy and the value of sport for its own sake.

EBook / EPUB    $8.95     View other formats

We Three

A teen finds romance at summer camp and becomes the centre of a polyamorous relationship with two very different partners.

EBook / EPUB    $7.95     View other formats

Oak Island and its Lost Treasure

Two experienced mining engineers familiar with the history of mining technologies reveal the time period and the design logic of the flood tunnels which have prevented looting of the treasure buried on Nova Scotia's Oak Island.

EBook / EPUB    $14.95     Add To Cart     View other formats

Canada is Not Back

An insider's account of how Justin Trudeau makes foreign policy, and why his government has gone nowhere internationally.

EBook / EPUB   Active
9781459413351 | Published: April 2019

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