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Forsyth, Christine

CHRISTINE FORSYTH is a Toronto-based writer and graphic designer. She is the author of Face Off, Hockey Heat Wave, Power Hitter and Katie's Midnight Ride. Power Hitter and Katie\s Midnight Ride are Canadian Children's Book Centre "Our Choice" selections. She is also the author of the Lorimer SideStreets YA novel Adrenaline High.

Two on One

When Jeff's hockey team gets a new coach, his sister Melody starts to get more attention as the team's shining talent. Funny and full of action, Two on One looks at sibling rivalry and what it really means to be the best.

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Hockey Heat Wave

C A Forsyth explores the theme of friendship in this action packed sequel to Face Off.

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Face Off

Playing centre for the A-line is tough. Mitch figures he's got what it takes--until his best friend suddenly becomes his No. 1 rival on the ice.

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