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Steven Sandor

Steven Sandor

STEVEN SANDOR is an award-winning magazine editor, author and sports broadcaster. Although he has yet to master Formula 1 racing games without the cheats on, Steven explores the world of online car racing games in Spin Out, his first SideStreets book. Steven lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

Spin Out

A teen has to come to terms with his life when online car-racing and reality collide.

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Called Up

David is embarrassed when he doesn't make the A team. But befriending Omar, a Syrian refugee, makes David realize how lucky he is to be playing hockey at all.

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Stick Pick

When hockey player Janine is left paralyzed after a car accident, her best friend encourages her to get into sledge hockey. She quickly grows to love the sport and finds her voice speaking up for disabled people's rights.

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Swimmer Andy is determined to make it to nationals so he uses a viral video to crowdfund his trip there. But when he pranks a promising female swimmer on camera, all that attention turns sour.

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Crack Coach

How can you play your best game when your coach is famous for all the wrong reasons?

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Warren's dreams of being a football star are in reach -- but does he have to cheat to win?

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Playing for Keeps

A soccer player in a hockey town struggles to fit into his small-town Alberta community

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