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David Starr

DAVID STARR has been the principal at Edmonds Community School, a kindergarten to Grade 8 school in Burnaby, BC, for three years. He is also a writer who won the 2008 Vancouver Province's "Serial Thriller" competition. David Starr, his students, and his staff at Edmonds have been featured in Now News, The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, the Globe and Mail, and on CBC Radio and Global News.

Last Pick

A young teen with an invisible disability overcomes self-doubt and bullying to find her place on a basketball team.

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Empty Net

The story of a young girl who learns a different way of life and appreciation of her sport in a remote northern community.

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Golden Game

Abbas and his soccer team of fellow refugees are playing in a big tournament. When a traffic accident triggers crippling flashbacks to war-torn Syria, Abbas perseveres to support his teammates through the competition.

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Golden Goal

At his new school, Dylan joins a soccer team of immigrant and refugee students. Getting to know his teammates provides Dylan with a lesson on teamwork and opens his eyes about real hardship.

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From Bombs to Books

The powerful role of schools in the experience of refugee children and teens and their parents in becoming part of Canadian society

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From Bombs to Books

True stories of courage and resilience

Paperback   Out of print
9781552778609 | Published: October 2011

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