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Bill Swan

Bill Swan

BILL SWAN has worked as a journalism teacher, editor, and newspaper columnist. His first three novels, Fast Finish, Mud Run, and Off Track, are highly recommended by CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials. Mud Run was nominated for the Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award. He is also the author of Corner Kick. He lives in Courtice, Ontario, with his wife and daughter.

Real Justice: Jailed for Life for Being Black

The compelling story of a young professional boxer and the racism that led to his wrongful conviction

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Real Justice: Convicted for Being Mi'kmaq

How wrongfully convicted Donald Marshall Jr. forced the justice system to confront its racism

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Real Justice: Fourteen and Sentenced to Death

How fourteen-year-old Steven Truscott was sentenced to hang, had his conviction upheld by the Supreme Court, and spent ten years in prison and 48 years trying to clear his name

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Corner Kick


Jake and his two best friends play road hockey together and are members of the same league team. But some personal rivalries and interference from Jake's three all-too-supportive grandfathers start to create tension among the players.

Paperback   Active
9781552775691 | Published: September 2010


Michael has to find the strength to tell the truth.

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The Enforcer

When Jack's hockey coach moves, Jack's hockey-crazy grandfather P.J. steps into the role. But can the team adapt to Grandpa P.J.'s old-school methods?

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Road Rage

Matt Thompson and his friends have caught the racing bug. They've set their sights on the famous Alfie Shrubb Road Race in Bowmanville, Ontario.

Hardback   Out of stock indefinitely
9781550289176 | Published: October 2006

Road Rage

Matt Thompson is in trouble again. A rare old book about legendary track star Alfie Shrubb has gone missing from the local museum, and all fingers point to Matt.

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Mud Happens

Matt and his teammates are disappointed when their favourite track coach can no longer lead the school team. But, their new coach is from the Riders -- a dream team of elite athletes who have the potential to become "real" runners.

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