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Regina: An Illustrated History
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Regina: An Illustrated History

By J. William Brennan

$34.95 Hardback
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Series: Lorimer Illustrated History

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"Pile of Bones", "Queen City of the West"--Regina's nicknames accurately reflect the city's exotic and varied history.
Founded in 1882, Regina was one of the new towns that appeared along the Canadian Pacific Railway line as the "end of steel" marched steadily westward. J. William Brennan shows that Regina was, and in many respects still is, a "man-made city ": its location determined by the CPR and a cabal of land speculators. He demonstrates how a variety of forces--immigration and "King Wheat," the postwar oil and potash boom, and the spread of American popular culture--shaped the economic and social fabric of Regina over nearly a century. He offers finely crafted thumbnail sketches of her prominent and powerful citizens, and of more obscure citizens who nonetheless contributed greatly in the fields of labour and social services to the city's development.
Handsomely illustrated with 150 historical photographs--many never before published--Regina: An Illustrated History reflects on the unique past of this remarkable western city.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Hardback, 224 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1989
ISBN: 9781550282504
Format: 8.5in x 10.25in

BISAC Code:  HIS006000, TRV006000
Imprint: Lorimer


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