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Sable Island
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Sable Island

By Armstrong, Bruce, Illustrated by Lucas, Zoe

$29.95 Paperback
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Sable Island is the world's most mysterious and notorious sandbar, situated 160 kilometers offshore of southeast Nova Scotia. The island is currently receiving much renewed attention because of proposals to make it a National Park, or a National Wilderness Area. Known for centuries as "The Graveyard of the Atlantic," its forty-kilometre length has claimed over five hundred ships since the earliest adventurers and fishing vessels sailed to North America. Even today Sable presents serious problems to navigators. The home of the world's last herds of wild horses, the island is a fragile, shifting crescent of sand and grass whose beauty and violence has fascinated and inspired countless adventurers, writers, artists and scientists for over three hundred years. Bruce Armstrong takes the reader on a personal journey to Sable. He brings to life the early shipwrecks, lifesaving establishments and settlement attempts that have marked the island's long and varied history. There are ghost stories, tales of exceptional bravery, and first-hand impressions of the island left by men and women such as Sir Humphrey Gilbert, Dorothea Dix and Alexander Graham Bell. Contemporary material about Sable is based on interviews with some of the people who live in this lonely place as lifesavers, wireless operators, conservationists, and scientific observers; their experiences contribute an immediate sense of Sable's spirit and power. Many new colour photographs by island researcher Zoe Lucas are featured in this new edition.
Sable Island is an imaginative and exciting journey to the world's northern Galapagos. It is also an eloquent plea for the preservation of a unique and timeless part of Nova Scotia.
Sable Island was awarded the Evelyn Richardson Prize, the pre-eminent award for non-fiction in Atlantic Canada.


Introduction by Zoe Lucas

Foreword by Thomas H. Raddall

Part One: Sand, Storms, and Story (1800 to 1900)

1. A Dreamer's Return

2. Haughtboyes and Horrors

3. Early Ghosts and Visitations

4. Clash and Disaster

5. The Enterprising Clergyman

6. Wrecks and Rescue

7. Sable's Pale Lady

Part Two: The Sea Samaritans (1800 to 1900)

8. The Admiral

9. The Rogue

10. The Gentleman

11. Stars in the Ocean

12. The Governor

13. Century's End

Part Three: Soundings (1900 to the Present)

14. The Brass Pounder

15. Lost Schooners

16. The Atlantic Cowboy

17. The White Mist

Part Four: The Spirit of Sable

18. Ponies

19. Bestiary

20. Dunes


Appendix A/Superintendents of the Humane Establishment, 1801-1948

Appendix B/Shipwrecks

Appendix C/The Status of Sable, 1981

Selected Bibliography

Photo Credits


Index of People and Ships on Sable Island


Winner - Evelyn Richardson Prize for Non-Fiction - 1982

"Sable Island brings harrowing shipwrecks and rescue attempts to life through evocative language, vibrant photographs and elegant illustrations."

"...masterfully draws the reader's imagination..."

- Catherine Labelle Canadian Geographic

BRUCE ARMSTRONG is a Halifax writer.
ZOE LUCAS is one of the few permanent residents on Sable Island and is involved in research and environmental monitoring programs, including studying its wild horses and sea birds.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 192 pages
Publication Date: 18th October 2010
ISBN: 9780887809118
Format: 10in x 8in
Full-colour photography

BISAC Code:, NAT011000
Imprint: Formac


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