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Righting Canada's Wrongs Series Set

Righting Canada's Wrongs Series Set

James Lorimer & Company Ltd., Publishers

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Series: Righting Canada's Wrongs

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Set contains all four titles in the Righting Canada's Wrong Series: Japanese Canadian Internment, Italian Canadian Internment, The Komagata Maru, and The Chinese Head Tax.

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Binding: Undefined
ISBN: 9781459403123

BISAC Code:  YAN025050
Imprint: Lorimer


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Righting Canada's Wrongs

Righting Canada's Wrongs

A highly visual and engaging look at racism and discrimination in Canada's history

Series Website

Series features

  • Voices and stories of those who were affected
  • Geared to support history and civics curriculums
  • Full-colour images of period artifacts, maps, documents and historic photographs
  • Teachers Resource Guide prepared by the Critical Thinking Consortium
"As indicated by its name, this series is hopeful. It is not about opening old wounds; it's about remembering the past, understanding it and moving forward." Nikkei Voice

Righting Canada's Wrongs is a series devoted to the exploration of the Canadian government's actions that violated the rights of groups of Canadian citizens, the subsequent fight for acknowledgement and justice, and the eventual apologies and restitution by governments.