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Titanic: The Cookbook
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Titanic: The Cookbook

Recipes from the Era of the Great Ocean Liners

By Yvonne Hume, Adapted by Elaine Elliot and Virginia Lee

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Titanic: The Cookbook is a selection of the most delicious and tantalizing dishes found on the Titanic's menus. The first-class Ritz dining room was modelled on the finest French hotel dining room of the period, and the dishes from its menus are classics of fine European cuisine. In its other dining rooms, Titanic's chefs offered meals that appealed to a wide range of passengers, from eastern-European immigrants to newly-wealthy Canadians and Americans returning home from Continental tours.

Author Yvonne Hume researched coookbooks of the period to ensure that her recipes were authentic as well as delicious. Authors Elaine Elliot and Virginia Lee tested the recipes for use by the home cook, adapting them to North American ingredients and measurements. Beautiful colour photographs show how to achieve elegant but easy presentations of the dishes. Also included are suggestions for organizing an Edwardian-era dinner party, including appropriate period drinks and step-by-step instructions for elegant napkin folding.

This is a book full of ideas for great dinner parties and a window on the cuisine of another era.


Setting the Scene
Main Courses
Afternoon Tea
Photo Credits

"Beautifully designed and illustrated with vintage images and full-colour photographs throughout, the book offers a taste of the finer cuisine enjoyed by the luxury liner's first-class passengers as well as a glimpse into the more basic meat-and-potatoes fare served to the second-class and steerage passengers."

- Nadine Fownes The Nova Scotian

"The book presents ideas for great dinner parties as an homage to the cuisine of the era ... stunning colour photographs.."

- Judy Creighton Canadian Press

ELAINE ELLIOT and VIRGINIA LEE are well known for their Flavour series of cookbooks. They grew up in Fall River, Nova Scotia. Elaine now lives in Kentville, in the heart of Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, and Virginia lives in Raleigh,North Carolina, but returns home regularly to collaborate with her sister.
YVONNE HUME, great-niece of John Law Hume, the first violinist on the Titanic, has a proud family connection to the Titanic disaster. An avid chef, Hume has written recipes for numerous publications as well as her own restaurants. She is also the author of RMS Titanic: The First Violin, a biography of her great-uncle. She lives and writes in Norfolk, England.

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Binding: Paperback, 96 pages
Publication Date: 17th July 2012
ISBN: 9781459501119
Format: 10in x 8in
50+ colour photos

Binding: Electronic book text, 96 pages
Publication Date: 17th July 2012
ISBN: 9781459501133
Format: EPUB
50+ colour photos

Binding: Electronic book text
Publication Date: 17th July 2012
ISBN: 9781459501126
Format: EPUB
50+ colour photos

BISAC Code:  CKB029000, CKB041000, CKB082000, CKB101000
Imprint: Formac


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