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Canada is Not Back

An insider's account of how Justin Trudeau makes foreign policy, and why his government has gone nowhere internationally.

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Under Siege

The NDP was close to collapse after its disastrous showing in the 1993 federal election. How did a party that once had significant support among voters fall so badly?

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From Protest to Power

Here, in a single volume, is an account of the development of social democracy in Canada.

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Our Canada
Hardback   Out of print
9781550283556 | Published: January 1991

Doing it Right
Paperback   Out of print
9780888628633 | Published: January 1987

The Liberal Idea of Canada
Hardback   Out of print
9780888621238 | Published: January 1977

Winners, Losers

Winners, Losers is a fast-paced account of an important period in Canadian conservative politics, with portraits of its dominant figures--Joe Clark, Dalton Camp, Paul Hellyer, Brian Mulroney.

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