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The Reconciliation Manifesto

A final, no-holds-barred message from Canada's leading Indigenous activist

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Justice for Canada's Aboriginal Peoples

In this award-winning book, human rights specialist Renée Dupuis takes a fresh look at the issues surrounding Canada's Aboriginal People and proposes some new solutions.

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Making the Spirit Dance Within

An exploration of the success of the Joe Duquette High School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and its commitment to aboriginal spirituality.

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The First Canadians

Reservations Are for Indians
Hardback   Out of print
9781550283679 | Published: January 1991

The First Canadians
Paperback   Out of print
9781550283099 | Published: January 1990

The First Canadians
Hardback   Out of print
9781550283112 | Published: January 1990

Arctic Twilight
Hardback   Out of print
9781550280920 | Published: January 1988


Crowfoot, a Blood Indian who became chief of the Blackfoot Nation, was a great warrior and peacemaker during the time of settlement of the Canadian West.

Paperback    $24.95     Add To Cart     View other formats

The Metis
Paperback   Out of print
9781550280500 | Published: January 1988

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