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Ice Time

If you can't pay to play, you have to take your best shot

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Jake and his two best friends play road hockey together and are members of the same league team. But some personal rivalries and interference from Jake's three all-too-supportive grandfathers start to create tension among the players.

Paperback   Active
9781552775691 | Published: September 2010

Delaying the Game

When Shane comes along, Kaleigh finds herself unsure whether she can balance hockey, her friendships, and this new dating-life.

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Hockey Night in Transcona

When Coach Brackett takes his own son off the front line so that Cody can take his place,
Cody has to decide what's more important taking his time to shine, or sticking up for a friend.

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Home Ice

Tori is staying with family near Toronto while her parents deal with troubles back home. To keep a sense of normalcy, she joins the Rangers -- the worst hockey team in the league.

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Hat Trick

Twelve-year-old Leigh is one of the top players - and the only girl on the Falcons hockey team.

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